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Torah Clubhouse

Torah Clubhouse has launched with Parashat B’reisheet. Torah Clubhouse gives a unique Yeshua-centered perspective on the weekly Torah portion.

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Every issue is inviting, fun, and educational.

The Clubhouse is intended to support the growing Torah Club small-group network, providing resources for children 8–12 years of age. However, for a limited time, everyone is invited into the Clubhouse.

Meet Avi, Max, Noah, Sam, and the rest of the Clubhouse Crew as they learn from the Torah and put the Torah into action.

In each issue of Torah Clubhouse

  • Commentary on the weekly Torah portion.
  • Highlights focusing on Yeshua.
  • Character sketches of people in the Torah.
  • Activities related to the weekly Torah reading.
  • Lessons on “Loving Others” related to the Torah portion.
  • Illustrated adventures of the Clubhouse Crew putting the Torah into action.
  • Comprehension questions on the Clubhouse material.

Other Details

  • Approximately fifty issues per year—one for each Torah portion.
  • Mailed Monthly. Twelve mailings per year.
  • Specifications: 12 X 18 inches. Tri-folded. Double-sided. Full Color

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